Pilot sessions continue in Hungarian and Finnish schools

Currently, and until the end of January 2018, a group of trained Finnish and Hungarian teachers are testing the activities developed in the project manual in the premises of the Finnish Raahen koulutuskuntayhtymä (Education Centre Brahe) and the Hungarian BKSZC Weiss Manfred Vocational Secondary School.

Experiences of the pilot period determine the final context of the publication „Career management skills training manual for VET teachers”

He aim of the authors was to develop a manual using the added knowledge and experience of project partners that can be used in the following ways:

  • As an activity book to be used by teachers, coaches and students for the development of skills, which effectively support the development of career routes in different contexts and at different levels.
  • As a manual with background information for the world of work.
  • As a guide to how to use different practical tasks to give them an appropriate challenge and support for students in real and imaginative life situations.
  • As a collection of model activities, encouraging colleagues to develop similar activities tailored to their own situation.

The manual is available in four languages:

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Testing of the career guidance Manual has begun at Weiss Manfréd Szakgimnázium és Szakközépiskola in Hungary

Testing of the career guidance  Manual has begun at Weiss Manfréd Szakgimnázium és Szakközépiskola in Hungary.

This group of VET teachers have been attended to attended the joint staff training at the end of September in Sofia.

The content of the Manual could be modified due to the experiences of pilot sessions and evaluation of the results.

“CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS TRAINING MANUAL FOR VET TEACHERS” developed during the project can be downloaded for free.

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Carma’s team training in the Sofia

The success of the CARMA Manual developed under the CARMA project depends on the cooperation among the teachers of different nationalities as well. A joint staff training for 10 Finnish and Hungarian teachers, who also contribute as the promotional team of the CARMA project was organized by Selfinvest Ltd., one of the partners of the project.

The training in Sofia was successfully concluded between 26-30 September 2017. The aim of the project was to inspire and make teachers involved suitable to give pilot lessons starting this November on the highest level.

This time the participants evaluated the CARMA Manual too, this feedback will help to fine-tune the Manual.

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Preparations for Carma’s team training

Our Bulgarian Partner, the Selfinvest has begun the 5-day training for Hungarian and Finnish teachers in Sofia. The aim of the training is not only about the introduction and application of the Manual, but also the motivation and developing career counselling of the participant colleagues.

The Selfinvest is doing everything for intercultural cooperation and professional networking. It is supported by changing good practices and “Know-how” tips at the training.

Carma Project: Career Planning and Management in Vocational Education

Well-known problem is, that the needs of the labor market and the competencies of fresh graduates do not necessarily correspond to one another. The transition from the world of school to the world of work is not simple even in the field of vocational education and employment. The central development of the professional content of the vocational training is continuous, but students need to meet not just professional criteria but also have so many soft skills to find their place in the labor market. These include successful career planning, orientation and management skills which are the goal of the Carma project under the Erasmus+ program.

Carma-projekt: carreer planning and management in vocational education

Number of vocational students who are at risk of dropping out is increasing in Europe nowadays.
The main goal of Carma project is to prepare teachers of the participant countries – or hopefully as many European countries as possible – for giving advice about career planning and management to students enrolled in vocational school, who, having new skills boosted can make better career choices. This will make them more motivated, and number of absences and students who leave school early will decrease. Thanks to this graduates have more opportunities in the workforce.
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European project to reduce early school leaving

Comprehensive Manual for VET teachers to improve students’ career management skills

A new international project kicks off this month with the aim of reducing the share of early school leavers. Participants are project leader Raabe Klett Educational Consulting and Publisher (Budapest, HU) and its four partners: Budapest University of Technology, Manfred Weiss VET School (Budapest, HU), Raahe VET Institute (FI) and Selfinvest, a Bulgarian training company and guidance centre for students.

The 5-member group undertook to compose a comprehensive Career Management Manual for VET teachers.

On the basis of the  Manual, 10 teachers from two partner schools take part in a 5-day training in Sofia, BG. After this, trained teachers conduct career guidance pilot sessions in their respective institutes for altogether 100 students. The experiences of the pilot sessions – e. g. the practical use of Manual – will be presented and discussed on two multiplier events, on a workshop in Sofia, BG and on an international conference in Budapest, HU.

Besides, participants provide recommendations for policy makers in the member states and on European level on the basis of experiences collected during the 18 month of the project.

Early school leaving can be explained by a number of reasons. Uncovering and understanding these is a must to take the right measures in order to alleviate the problem. One of the main targets of the European Union is to reduce the average share of early school leavers under 10 percent by 2020.

Currently, VET focuses predominantly on developing competences for a specific profession and is not offering enough guidance for learners to yield the so called horizontal skills that increase adaptability to different occupational settings. Guidance services at VET schools are seen as the bridge between current education offer and business demand, stimulating students to reflect on the transversal competences for successful career development, setting long-term goals and undertaking structured and well thought actions in reaching these goals.

In Hungary, over a quarter of vocational secondary students and over a third of vocational training students indicate that they would choose a different occupation, if they could start again. It is therefore important for career guidance and placement services to be available towards the end of courses, to help students to review their career plans and to find jobs that meet their interests and goals. Such services need also to be available earlier in courses for any students that are thinking of, or at risk of, dropping out.

CARMA project has been funded with the support of the European Union, under its programme for education, training, youth and sport Erasmus+ action Strategic Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training. For more information please visit carma.hu website.

Job search plаn

You are looking for a job – this is an amazing endeavour which will provide you with new challenges and experience. Get ready for it!

It is a good idea to set up an action plan. It will help you get more organized and will most probably shorten the time until you find a new job.

Start by choosing a new career or position. The more specific you are about what you are aiming for, the more successful you are going to be. Get started with the CHOICE of a career: take a look at some job searching websites for information. Visit the webpages of national and regional companies and find out whether they offer new career opportunities. Select positions that match your interests and where you picture yourself in the future.

Take some time to get to know you and reflect on your abilities, skills and values. Pick the ones that correspond to the career path you are keen to take up. Make the best use of them.
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You career – your choice


You are already in high school and you have most probably pondered over the topic: “What profession should I pick” or “Which career is right for me?”

In addition, it is likely that you have changed your mind several times, e.g. for a long time you have stuck to one choice that you have ended up by dropping completely. This is quite normal. We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world which always presents you with new opportunities. You are modern thinking people who have an eye for the novelties. Therefore you tend to consider several career options. In the coming years you will most probably change your career path several times again.

You are at a stage in your life when it is time to think about a CAREER PLAN. Now is the right time to get curious, to search for and gather information about all kinds of professions that spark your interest or you come across.

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Your dream job – make it happen

Very often the choice of a university is motivated by the idea that this is something all people do, it is modern and is of utmost importance for a successful future.

In general this idea has its positive aspects and is supported by facts, but not entirely. The concept is no longer valid if too much emphasis is put on education as the only mandatory requirement for success in life, in your career etc.

The choice of an appropriate higher educational institution or a course of study is important for several reasons:

  • It represents the first step of the high ladder called “career”
  • It requires a substantial amount of your time
  • It requires efforts
  • It has a specific financial cost

When you choose where and what to study it is a good idea to take into account the specific criteria mentioned above.

Many pupils who are about to graduate from high school do take into account these factors when they pick their higher educational institution. Others, however, do not think about it at all.

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